Getting Started with Podcast Feeds

by | Jun 30, 2021

Podcasts are everywhere now. People love listening to them when they’re working, out for a jog, in their car, etc. Easy Sermon Hub podcast feeds empower you to easily release podcast episodes for your congregation and visitors.

What Is a Podcast Feed?

Podcast feeds can be thought of as a group of podcast episodes. Podcast episodes are the individual audio files that people listen to. Episodes may include supplemental notes that listeners can read on their podcatcher.

Adding a Podcast Feed

Easy Sermon Hub enables you to add as many podcast feeds as you like. You may be asking, what does this mean for my ministry? You can put your Sunday morning services under one feed, and add say, outreach interviews to another.

Before following along, please make sure you’re logged in and on your administrator dashboard.

To begin, head over to the Podcast Feeds tab on the left sidebar.

The Podcast Feeds tab is home to everything podcast-related in Easy Sermon Hub. You can manage podcast feeds, episodes, and import sermons as episodes from this tab.

You will then see the following screen:

Since there are no podcast feeds yet, click the Add New Feed button.

You will see the Add Podcast Feed screen.

I will explain each field does as follows:

The Status field allows you to set whether the feed is visible to the public or not. If the podcast feed is set to Private, you can still manage it, but the public just won’t be able to view it.

The Title field allows you to set the title of your podcast feed. People will see what you enter as the title of the podcast feed in their podcatchers.

The Description field allows you to enter a description for the podcast feed. This will often appear below the title on people’s podcatchers.

The Author field allows you to enter the author of the podcast. Often this will likely be the name of your church or a pastor.

This Language field allows you to set the language of the podcast.

The slug is used in the URL of your podcast’s RSS feed.
For example, https://<your church site>.com/podcast-feeds/<your slug name>.

Please avoid using spaces or other special characters. Instead of using spaces, consider using dashes or underscores.

The Home URL field sets the URL displayed below a podcast feed title in many podcatchers.

The Cover Image field allows you to set the main cover image for your podcatcher. Cover images are often displayed along with the title in many podcatchers.

This field gives you the option of whether you want sermons auto-published with all of the criteria displayed below, or with any of the criteria below.

This is the criteria section that I mention above. There is a section for each sermon classification available, and you can choose the criteria that you want for sermons to be auto-published as podcast episodes.

You can leave all of the checkboxes in this area blank if you do not want sermons auto-published as podcast episodes.

Need Help?

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